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Halo agan - agan yang udah bersedia main ke sini , ane mau share nih tentang software sms dan email bomber , untuk apa ?
pastinya untuk mengirim sebuah pesan yang sekaligus banyak !!
Untuk lebih jelasnya langsung aja ke TKP dibawah ini :

coba SMSKill, skrg dah v.1.5

v1.3 features:
- Fast, multi-threaded.
- Can bomb up to 150 times every gmail (this goes for all SMS bombers)
- Uses Gmail SMTP servers to send inputted email to other emails or cell phones.
- A lot of carriers already included.

v1.4 features:
- Custom Gateways (if your carrier is not in the list, you can use a custom gateway for your carrier.)

v1.5 features:
- GUI Fixed

SMSKillv1.3 Download:

SMSKillv1.4 Download:

SMSKillv1.5 Download [RECOMMENDED]:

1. Download the program
2. Extract the program
3. Make a gmail account at
4. Input those gmail account details into the specified fields on the program
5. Fill in other information as needed; start bombing.

great share el_nino.
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